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It’s a new era in global radio broadcasting as brilliant sounds, records and artistry are travelling at a fast pace around the world; enters BOUNCE Radio, our answer to curating the best of songs, refreshing sounds, amazing programming with world-class content delivery through a showcase of cities that influence music and youth culture.
Interested in joining us as an on-air presenter? Take a minute to fill this form below and we will get back to you if you meet our criteria.
Firstly, let's have your contact details. We won't share your details with any third party.
What city are you based?
Choose your city
Are you available to work remotely?
Remote availability
What genre of music do you like & know a lot about?
Music taste and choice
Do you have an audio reel we can listen to?
Do you have access to good internet?
Internet connectivity
Do you have a laptop / personal computer?
Device ownership
Can you write a show script for radio production?
Production experience
How many languages can you speak? If more than two, please mention them.
Describe yourself and tell us how much you love music.  Do you think you are a perfect fit for this? Excite us!

Thanks for submitting! We'll review your application and get in touch with you if you qualify! Good luck.

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