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15 Love Songs We Have On Replay This Valentine Weekend

The Bounce team's soundtrack to a love-filled weekend!

Many, many years ago in ancient Rome, a priest named Valentine was killed for ministering to Christians. Before his execution on 14 February AD 269, he apparently wrote a letter to the daughter of the jailer who he had fallen in love with; the letter was signed with the words “Your Valentine”. Years later, Pope Gelasius I made the date a celebration of love, a tradition that has carried on through the years. Now, because of one letter, millions of people have to show love (read: buy gifts) for their partners on a hot Sunday in February 2021. Jokes aside, love is expressed in a variety of ways: buying gifts, acts of service, spending time with your significant other, holding their hands etc.

However, there is something all these activities have in common: they can all be enjoyed with music. The generic pop song that plays on a night out with your loved ones, Hozier screaming out worship in his words as you cuddle up at night, the slow violin concerto in the background while you propose; music makes everything better.

So, in the spirit of the season, here is our gift to you. Whether you're single, engaged, or in a polyamorous relationship, here are fifteen songs to soundtrack your Valentine’s weekend.

"Tenderness" - K.Forest

Canadian artist K. Forest is better known for his contribution to Travi$ Scott’s debut album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, on the song “Guidance” (originally released by him the same summer). The R&B singer has not quite hit the same levels of popularity but he maintains a stellar catalogue of traditional R&B and swing with Tenderness appearing on his debut full-length album, Eyes of Taiga. The song is riddled with the pleas of a lover only seeking to comfort and improve the general mood of his significant other, carried by a stellar electric guitar with a few solos placed in pockets of it. With lyrics like “shotgun riding all for you darling, goosebumps are all I grip when I caress your body”, “can't let you go that easy”, and “hoping that they have your size, you always pay attention to the details”, you can be sure to elicit some appreciation on Valentine’s. -Jabbar

"Can’t Help Falling In Love" - Elvis Presley

What a classic! On this track, Elvis strays away from his regular music style to perform a ballad that has transcended time and cultures. This song speaks about the singer’s feelings towards a girl for whom he is falling in love uncontrollably. It’s a perfect soundtrack to the perfect love story. -Fechi

"Again" - Wande Coal

This song holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. I don’t think I need to say much... We all know what WC did on this. -Feyikemi

"Tungba" - Ajebutter 22 & BOJ

The greatest thing about this love song is that it is so unexpected. Ajebutter’s attention is usually focused on Lagos parties and nightlife culture, but on “Tungba”, his simple bars capture love in a cute, funny way. BOJ does justice to the tune by complementing the rap with his soft singing. The two of them make a perfect pair, like you and your valentine. -Oluchukwu

"Anyone" - Justin Bieber

“Reassurance is a very strong love language, and the words of reassurance in this song makes it a perfect love song. Reminding your lover that it’s them and not anyone else is the sweetest thing”. -Tolu

"DKT" - Oxlade

Probably my favorite ever Afro R&b record. Whenever I listen to the song, it makes me wish and feel like I had a love interest I was chasing. - Jay


Yes, I enjoy Canadian music, you would too if you were Nigerian. PARTYNEXTDOOR deserves to own a spot on any Valentine's playlist for good reason; the singer songwriter has received praise for his ability to turn the most mundane events or emotions into hit records and memorable sleepers. On his third eponymous album, PARTYNEXTDOOR 3, he has a remarkable amount of the latter with “Joy” being a prime example of his hallowed talents. The unusual drum pattern that welcomes you into the track mirrors a heartbeat of sorts, and his first lyrics, “I love you” followed by an unexpected hum are the perfect pair to pierce through the cloud of noise he sings about in the next breath. Lyrics like “Let me be, let me see, let me find my joy, joy, joy” might invoke Destiny Kids memories in many Nigerians, but with the current state of affairs and the impending lovers’ holiday, we could all use some Joy. -Jabbar

"Love Like This" - Trill Xoe, Tonero, and Rilwan

It’s one of my favourite songs because it reminds me of a special time, place, and person. -Jay

"Assurance" - Davido

‘Love is sweet o, when money enter, love is sweeter’ a word is enough for the wise. Shalom. -Olegwa

"Whoa" - Snoh Aalegra

"Whoa" is my fave because the lyrics literally make you want to find the kind of love she’s talking about. -Jasmine

"Me You I" - The Cavemen

This song feels like a big hug! I have never listened to it and not felt teary eyed.

‘If you’ll be my baby girl, I’ll be your baby boy’ aw! -Olegwa

"Thinking Bout You" - Frank Ocean

On this track Ocean showcases his deep R&B side as he sings about a lover that’s out of his reach. A timeless song. -Fechi

"Running on My Mind" - Ali Gatie

“On an almost traditional R&B beat, Ali Gatie tells his lover how she makes him feel. Love is about sharing all the emotions you feel, it’s perfect”. -Tolu

"New Balance" - Jhené Aiko

This song is so special to me because it aptly describes everything I feel (or have felt) when I'm in love, and I'm pretty sure everyone would feel the same. Send this song to your lover (or crush) as a Valentine's Day present and they'd love you forever. – trust me, it works. Jhené's pen is unmatched; my queen forever. -Makua

"So Lovely" - Buju

Where else should you be on Valentine’s Day than with another man’s girlfriend? -Oluchukwu

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