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Adeniyi Joseph's Kill The Impostor Explores Imposter Syndrome

This film, originally written by Emmanuel Chinedum and directed by TAJ, tells the metaphorical tale of a critically acclaimed author who struggles to regain her groove.

That insistent, unnerving feeling that you are not as skilled or qualified enough is not an uncommon one. As a general concept, imposter syndrome is synonymous with this forceful feeling of inadequacy. While many, in diverse fields, experience this feeling, it seems to be a little more peculiar in the creative sphere. In other fields where there are clear-cut parameters to judge one’s skills, you are able to adequately determine your skill level or standing. But the creative space is largely subjective and so it allows for a lot of self doubt that can fester into that constant feeling of inadequacy. This specific form of intellectual self-doubt is largely undiscussed within several aspects of Nigerian society and this is what filmmaker Adeniyi Joseph popularly known as TAJ, aims to tell with his new film project titled Kill The Impostor.

This film, originally written by Emmanuel Chinedum and directed by TAJ, tells the metaphorical tale of a critically acclaimed author who hasn't written in four years and is struggling to regain her groove while facing self-doubt at the same time. It follows the struggle of Salama(Susan Echa), a seemingly successful writer who is due to deliver another book to her agent after many failed attempts in four years. Her goal is to get back to being that critically acclaimed writer title when she sits down in front of her laptop but can’t seem to get it done.

While speaking on the idea behind making the short film the director stated that: “There are lots of creative people who live in constant fear of discovery, and they strive for perfection in everything they do. This short film serves as a reminder that success does not require perfection, despite feeling guilty or worthless when you can't succeed. Being unable to achieve real perfection doesn't make you a fraud."

One of the film's unique selling points, along with its engaging and relatable story, is its stunning cinematography, which was carefully crafted by TAJ himself. His creative use of lighting and production design further accentuate the setting and story world carefully crafted by the characters.

The film also features Patrick Dibuah from Fela on Broadway who plays Salama’s husband as well as Precious Akpos who portrays the character Aunty. This motion picture is produced by Joshua Olaolu, Nwani Orire, as creative producer, Damilola Aleje, as Associate Producer, and Vincho Nchogu as Production Consultant for Nostalgia Media.

In the coming weeks, Kill The Impostor will be touring both locally and internationally, and details will be shared as they arise.

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