Art & Addiction: Addressing The Music Industry's Drug Dependency Culture

Over time, the music industry has fostered a very harmful drug dependency culture which promotes the myth that drug use is somehow beneficial to creativity. Abdul-Jabbar Obiagwu delves into this dicey subject, analysing the longstanding battle between artists and addiction and its effects.

Life is full of dichotomies — certain issues that generate two rigid, distinct schools of thought. We can find one of such dichotomies in the opinions regarding one of the most overlooked conversations: how do people prefer to experience reality?

In modern-day society, coping mechanisms are rife. With the appeal of the drab reality of daily life versus intoxication-induced bliss billed as the only two options to traverse life’s journey, it’s rare to find a career path where it is the general expectation of your audience and peers for one to show up high and perform.

Even more complex when the dilemma of losing your creativity is in question. Did you create that because you were drunk? Was your best song only