Awon Boyz: The Pandemic We Don’t See

The steadily increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria is an epidemic many fail to realise. Awon Boyz, the eye-opening exposé by Tolulope Itegboje, follows the stories of street boys from three hoods, documenting their early lives, ambitions and hopes, and making the case that their lifestyle is a result of the country's poverty pandemic. But will this be enough to change society's perception of them as Public Enemy number one?

Lagos is the undisputed economic capital of Nigeria; some might even say of Sub-Saharan Africa. While the state is geographically placed in the South-West of the country, due to its reputation as a commercial centre, it is uncharacteristically inhabited by a plethora of individuals who were either first-generation migrants or have somehow found their way to the bustling metropolis in search of better opportunities and greener pastures. Anyone from internally displaced individuals to fresh graduates makes the storied trek every year; data provided by a Face