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AYLØ Gives More Insight Into His New Album For Good Reasons

Bside sits with AYLØ for an exclusive conversation about his new album For Good Reasons. He speaks about some of his inspirations, the process of creating the project and much more.

AYLØ is an enigma. Even 5 years after his debut project Honest Conversations, his fans and listeners are likely to have more questions about his artistry than at the start. The balanced pull between revealing and concealing parts of himself has done well to fuel the fires of a mysterious personality. While it is partly deliberate, AYLØ has openly admitted to preferring a low profile.

As a person, AYLØ tries to keep it simple. He is someone you would describe as being oriented towards results first, looking good is important to him but not more than getting the job done. Having released his new album, For Good Reasons in July 2022, AYLØ is currently on a press run, getting the word out about the latest installment of his musical exploits. It’s for this reason that we invited him over to the office for a discussion about the project.

Clad in a plain black tee, some patterned pants, black slippers, and a bucket hat protecting dreadlocks in its infancy, AYLØ arrived unceremoniously. He was the reason the office was more packed than usual on a Friday afternoon, with a few of our friends from WAFFLESNCREAM joining us for the listening session. He immediately completed pleasantries, going around passing hugs and handshakes in a mutual exchange of warmth with the people of Bounce.

He took his place at the front of the room and watched the video of “Tekkerz” together with us. With some alcohol in his cup, AYLØ spoke to us about his mind-state while recording the project, as well as everything that made For Good Reasons what it is.

This interview is lightly edited for clarity.

Bside: Did you have to do several takes before you could get the“Tekkerz” video right?