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Burna Boy & Wizkid's "B.D'OR" and the importance of collaboration.

Pop heavyweights Burna Boy & Wizkid reunite on new single "B.D'OR", a bouncy record that underlines the importance of collaboration and mutual support

Last night, two of the country’s most prized possessions Burna Boy and Wizkid reunited on a new record titled “B. D'OR". The P2j-produced single had been teased for some time, with behind-the-scenes clips from the proposed music video leaking on the internet months ago. The single was however officially announced earlier in the month, on the third and final night of Wizkid’s historic sold-out shows at the famous London 02 arena. The bouncy record ー obviously inspired by the popular annual french football award ー characteristically sees both superstars in top form, coasting over sharp percussion and delivering free-flowing verses — that oscillates between braggadocio and sultry lines — in fluent Pidgin, English and Yoruba.

The single follows “Ginger”, a boisterous cut from Wizkid’s Grammy-nominated album Made In Lagos. It’s their third and arguably most important collaboration. While their two previous joint efforts have been equally sturdy and key, “B.D'OR” comes at a prime time when both superstars are currently at the pinnacle of their illustrious careers and leading the charge of the flaming Afrobeats to the world movement.

With every movement — whether political, religious or artistic — collaboration and camaraderie are essential. Not only does it help present a united front, it’s also the fastest route to achieve a common goal and having significant and sustained relevance. For the longest time, our artists, especially the top-rated ones, have singularly tried to move mountains, almost in a bid to assume the position of being the first or “one” to do it. But it’s important to realise that shared glory is glory regardless. For everyone truly willing to see our music take over the world, the mission and vision should be bigger than one person, therefore collaboration and mutual support should be preached over individualism.

A quick look at some of the biggest musical movements and crossovers in recent years and it's apparent that collaboration and support were at the center of what they did. Most recently, Spanish pop music swept through America and then the rest of the world like wildfire. Songs like “I like It”, “Despacito” and “Mi Gente” became mega-hits, all garnering billions of streams. One obvious feature among these songs is collaboration, especially amongst some of the most prominent figures in the scene: superstars Bad Bunny, J Balvin, the king of Reggaeton Daddy Yankee, and one of the most important architects of Reggaeton music Tainy. What this does is not only kick down doors and break boundaries, but it also lays down a useful example and practice for the coming generation.

About three years ago, a sense of pride and euphoria rippled through many Nigerians when Wizkid and Davido made surprise appearances at their respective shows in London and in Nigeria. It was breathtaking and refreshing to behold. The feint rumours of a collaboration tape between Burna Boy and Wizkid earlier in the year also sent fans in a frenzy. While it currently seems unlikely, it’s surely a scintillating prospect that would most definitely have a humongous impact both home and abroad.

The reactions to these events are a testament to the importance of collaborations and mutual support. Our music is currently at the cusp of global ascendancy. For the longest time, we’ve watched from the sidelines, sat at the fringes, hoping to finally have our moment. Well, 2021 has finally brought us that moment and for us to remain there and have a significant and lasting impact, more collaborations like "B.D'OR" would most likely be required and unwavering mutual support would also be paramount.

Featured Image credit: Yussuf Sani


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