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Film Club: October's Picks

A monthly roundup of the best of African cinema.

Every month, B.Side’s Film Club brings you a selection of some of the best motion pictures from across the African continent for your viewing pleasure. Even though some of these films aren’t currently screening at the cinema, we are sure to find them for you on various streaming platforms.

For this month’s picks, we have curated a list of films currently showing in cinemas across Nigeria as well as African films currently showing on streaming services across the continent. Our picks for the months are romantic comedies, period pieces, political satires, comedy and drama.

Ghana Jollof (2021)

If you have been looking for an African collaboration film to watch, then Ghana Jollof is set to give you a mix of west african culture. Produced by comedian Basket Mouth, Ghana Jollof is Showmax’s first original web series in west africa. The 13 episode comedy-drama series directed by Diji Aderogba tells the story of two young Nigerians, Jasper (Funnybone) and Romanus ( Akah Nnani), who moves to Ghana to “jollof”.

In the first episode, we are introduced to the lead stars, Jasper and Romanus, who become friends after meeting at the University of Lagos. They soon find out that their friendship is about to lead them on a joint life mission that involves relocating to Ghana for greener pastures. The series premiered this October and new episodes will be released every Friday exclusive to Showmax streaming across Africa and in the UK.

Where to watch: Showmax

Charge and Bail (2021)

Charge and Bail is an eccentric law drama tale that follows the life of a US returnee rich young lawyer (played by Zainab Balogun) who gets posted to a “charge and bail” law firm during her year of national service. Trouble ensues as Boma struggles to fit in with the people, the courts, and life. Charge and Bail is a fun adventure about the clash between the haves and the have-nots and dealing with finding your place in an environment that is new to you. Charge and Bail is directed by Uyoyou Adia for Inkblot production.

Where to watch: Showing in cinemas nationwide

Progressive Tailor's Club (2021)

Progressive Tailor’s Club (PTC) is a Nigerian political satire film directed by Biodun Stephen and co-produced by Niyi Akinmolayan and Victoria Akujobi. The star-studded flick follows members of the Progressive Tailor's Club as they gather for a meeting to elect their new leader for the club to uphold club unity and standard. However, as the story progresses a longstanding and trusted executive member of the PTC is eliminated for corruption, its election for a new leader comes down to a choice between the old, the new, and the ridiculous.

Where to watch: Showing in cinemas nationwide

Bad Boys and Bridesmaids (2021)

After two years in a perfect relationship without sexual intercourse, two high school sweethearts, Jola and Jaiye, are set to tie the knot. With just three days to their dream wedding, Jaiye decides that he needs to consummate their marriage. “He wants to have sex. Directed by Seyi Baba Tope, the story also reveals that both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids have history from their high school days, culminating in several rekindled love flames and scandals as they prepare for Jola and Jaiye’s wedding.

Where to watch: cinemas nationwide

Angeliena (2021)

The 2021 Netflix original follows the journey of a formerly homeless parking attendant, the colourful 'Angeliena' portrayed by Euodia Samson, who is diagnosed with a fatal disease and dares to put her lifelong dream of travelling the world into motion. Her character dreams of travelling the world, she adorns her home and workspace with travel postcards and other imagery. Directed by multi-award-winning filmmaker Uga Carlini, the film aims to critique wealth inequality in post-apartheid South Africa.

Where to watch: Netflix

Rumour Has It Season 3 (2021)

If you are looking for a new web series to binge watch on YouTube, then the third season of Ndani TV’s Rumour Has It should be on your watch list. After nearly two years of hiatus, the show is returning for a third season with more scandals that take a whole new dimension in the main characters’ lives. The new show, which premiered in June 2021, was directed by Ifeoma Chukwuogo with a changed storyline written by Lani Aisida.

The ten-episode series sees Jemima Osunde return for her daredevil role as Ranti Lawrence alongside a new lineup of casts like Ozzy Agu, Olumide Oworu, Chinonso Arubayi and Elma Mbadiwe.

Where to watch: YouTube

Gone (2021)

Daniel Ademinokan’s feature film Gone is a deeply emotional and dramatic thriller set in Lagos and New York City, and its cinematic spectacle perfectly blends a cast of 3 generations of Nollywood. The film follows the story of Ani, who leaves his wife, toddler, and unborn child back in Nigeria as he searches for a better life in New York as a boxer. He gets entangled with the mob and spends 25 years in jail, leaving his estranged family to believe he’s dead. He returns to Nigeria determined to reclaim his family, only to discover his wife in the arms of another man.

Where to watch: Netflix

Little Big Mouth (2021)

Little Big Mouth is a South African romantic comedy film directed and written by Gray and Ziggy Hofmeyr and co-written by Louw Venter. The film’s plot showcases how a friendship blossoms into a love story between a free-spirited, talented rock-‘n-roll guitarist Siya (Nay Maps) and a charming bookkeeper Mel (Amanda du-Pont). Siya recounter Mel who lives with her son. After getting kicked out from his band due to his careless drinking behavior at a wedding performance. On the other hand, Mel has stayed off from romantic relationships after experiencing a traumatic love in the past. After realising that he needs help, Mel allows Siya to take refuge at her house despite her father’s disapproval. As Siya works to keep his life on track and win Mel's heart, he must face two riddles to enter Mel’s life. The first one is her mischievous yet sensitive son, Luke, and the second is her protective father, Frank, who had difficulty accepting Siya into the family.

Where to watch: Netflix

Venge (2021)

Exploring modern themes like family, trust and betrayal, Venge, a new Africa Magic television series, tells a scandalous story of secrets, lies, and deception. The series’ plotline journey’s into the life of its main character Bibi as she unravels several conspiracies trailed by murder and fear on her quest for justice and revenge. The television series stars Michelle Dede, Uzoamaka Aniunoh, Obehi Aburime, Uche Mac-Auley, and Ian Wordi.

Where to watch: Catch new episodes airing on Africa Magic weekly

Swallow (2021)

Kunle Afolayan’s new project, Swallow, focuses on the struggles of typical average people living in 1980’s Nigeria. The Netflix original is an adaptation of the same title from award-winning Nigerian-American writer Sefi Atta. With the screenplay written by the original novel writer Sefi Atta alongside the film director Kunle Afolayan, the story is narrated by Tolani Ajao (Eniola Akinbo), a young Yoruba woman living in Lagos. Tolani moved to Lagos from her hometown in Makoku village, seeking a brighter future and a more modern life.

Where to watch: Netflix

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