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Four Takeaways From Ajebo Hustlers' Kpos Lifestyle Vol 1

A buoyant tribute to the duo's hometown, Port Harcourt.

From underground status to chart-toppers, the past year has been a whirlwind ride for Ajebo Hustlers, with the hype and buzz culminating in the release of their debut album Kpos Lifestyle Vol. 1, on Friday, 23 July 2021. The project has garnered instant acclaim from fans and critics alike, and after charting in five countries (Nigeria, Niger, Sweden, Ireland and Ghana) in less than twenty-four hours after its release, it is clear that the people are listening to the Port Harcourt rappers more than ever. We gave the project a spin as well and here are four things we took away from Kpos Lifestyle Vol. 1.

There's good music outside Lagos

Earlier this year, we highlighted artistes outside the country’s music hotspots, and this project serves as justification for that report. Thanks to the heavy media presence in these parts, it’s easy to overlook artistes outside Lagos and Abuja, but just like Ajebo Hustlers – along with Rema and Omah Lay – have proven, lack of publicity does not equate lack of talent. This should be your call to step outside your Lasgidi comfort zone and search for great music in less popular places, do not wait for it to come to you.

Love runs the world

This is the side of the Rivers State capital city the media won’t show you. Contrary to the prevalent idea that the only things to be found on the streets of Port Harcourt are guns, crude oil and bole, Ajebo Hustlers obviously set out to prove that romance exists in the hearts and minds of Garden City inhabitants (Even though when you think about it, bole in itself is a symbol of love i.e the love of God towards man in the form of plantain). But really, though, there are ten songs on the album, and six of them are about a relationship of some sort. SIX! As in, sixty percent, which is the equivalent of a B in Federal university exams. When you do the math, it shows that romance in Port Harcourt is a 4.0 GPA and a strong 2:1. Who says love does not run the world? Or at least, Port Harcourt.

Ajebo Hustlers have range

This duo is actually really good at music, not just rap. From the soft romantic tones of “Bus Stop” to the conscious “Oh My Home” and “Barawo”, the album explores many relatable concepts and themes, with something for every listener, whatever your taste might be. Aside from the lyrical dexterity, sonically, the album is versatile, and their masterful flow on different tempos and beats is as impressive as it gets.

Port Harcourt lingo is beautiful

Honestly, it might be the purest means of communication ever known to man. On the closing track “Kpos”, they rap: “And those Unilag kpalas make dem chillax/And those Covenant girls hope dem intact/Put them in things and trips until dem kprass (kpos kpos kpos).” To the untrained, uncultured eye, this might be a load of gibberish, but real ones know that this is elite poetry imploring their love interests in these different schools to calm down because they have hearts big enough to love everyone as well as provide them with the finer things of life. Shakespeare could never.

Listen to Kpos Lifestyle Vol 1 below

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