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Get Ready For Ayra Starr's Debut Album, 19 & Dangerous

The Starrs are about to align!

When music mogul Don Jazzy unveiled Ayra Starr, the latest signing to his tightly-knit team of avengers, Mavin Records, everyone knew a storm was coming. Rema, Mavin’s flagship artist, had a similar unveiling, hitting the ground running in just a couple of months. He released his self-titled debut and two other projects in 2019, scoring hits every other month and firmly positioning himself as the face of a new vanguard of young, promising and incredibly talented Afropop acts.

Ayra Starr’s eponymous debut EP arrived on the 22nd of January, and just like Rema, she dominated every available chart upon release. “Away”, the empowering lead single from the project, peaked at number four on Nigeria’s Turntable Top 50 chart. Her voice, mellifluous and passionate, and her clear-cut lyricism meld perfectly with rhythmic guitar strumming and a syncopated beat, making the record instantly irresistible. Tracks like the love-inspired, Don Jazzy-produced “Sare” and the stirring, angst-filled “Ditr” also stand out, immediately earmarking her as a superstar in the making.

Shortly after the release of Ayra Starr, the 19-year-old drew comparisons to Tems, an equally talented powerhouse. While the comparisons weren’t unfounded – there are clear stylistic similarities between both acts – they grew a bit muddy, devolving into unfair accusations and illogical juxtaposition. However, this did nothing to derail Ayra, who focused on nothing but her craft. She went on to release appealing and befitting visuals for the aforementioned standout tracks while also delivering moving performances, most notably her incredible renditions at UC Berkeley.

Just six months after the release of Ayra Starr, she’s now announced her debut album, 19 & Dangerous, set for release on the 6th of August. While more information on the album remains a mystery – the announcement was only accompanied by a cryptic video – there’s every likelihood it will be packed with similar emotionally charged bangers and ballads, much like her earlier work. Ayra is coming; get ready.

Featured Image Credits: Danielle Mbonu

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