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Here's What Went Down At The Young People In Tech Event

Bringing together young minds in the tech industry to create a greater sense of community amongst tech professionals

On the 29th of February, 2022, Wave Beach hosted the first ever Young People in Tech meeting. Anyone who identified with any kind of technology was welcome to interface with a real society of fellow geeks and nerds. The tech community has a reputation for being antisocial but events like YPIT are trying to erase that stereotype.

For its premier edition, Bounce Networks provided editorial and visual coverage. Sparking conversations with company and event founders, BSide's tech column, The Grid developed a story around YPIT. Spanning eight hours and six conversations, the event provided insights into the future of tech businesses, the communities and the subculture surrounding tech. Event founder, Oluwatobiloba Aromire shared the inspiration behind YPIT, citing his background in tech and his fascination with worldbuilding as the driving forces behind the event.

The primary goal for the YPIT event series is to bring together young minds in the tech industry to create a greater sense of community amongst young tech professionals. The general idea and secondary goal is to develop this community of young people in the Nigerian tech industry into both a professional and personal society, one that can help all members grow, even after the event.

Professionals in; Tech, Business, Finance, Frontend, Backend, Full-stack, Data, Marketing, DevOps, Support, HR, Design, Product, Operations, Compliance, Legal, Testing, Research were all present either for the opportunity to introduce their products or showcase their skill-sets. Seyi Opanubi of SS&C Intralinks spoke to The Grid about his merger and acquisitions based software that is working in tandem with more traditional investment organizations. His algorithm presents a variety of outcomes to help reduce risk during the untidy process of acquiring new businesses. More companies like his are bridging the gap between what consumers recognize as legacy establishments and new-age businesses. Another one of our interviewees, Oluwayemi Samuel, shared his dream of unifying West Africa through his logistics business. “Our one aim is to make product delivery as seamless, secure, reliable and affordable as possible,” he says. His background as a software developer informed his decision to pursue the development of a logistics business entirely backed by cloud computing and proficient code.

Besides the professional networking opportunities created by the event, there were also attractions such as music and comedy present to help break the ice, effectively doubling as a party.

The importance of collaboration cannot be overstated in today’s climate. Very little can be achieved without the help of a group, especially in a space such as the tech industry where all the parts create the product. Stories of start-ups created in dorm rooms with only a handful of engineers or designers have become the stuff of legends, the biggest tech companies in the world almost all had humble beginnings. Collaborating is the gel that took a group of young adults in Harvard from ignominy to a billion-dollar valuation. With Nigeria already home to some of the biggest unicorns in the world, it is safe to say events like YPIT could potentially incubate the next world beater from African shores.

Featured Image Credit: Jimmy Hendrxx

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