Jujuboy Star Has Your Medicine

The young afropop singer's spellbinding sound is specially crafted to heal you.

When I ask Jujuboy Star for one word that perfectly encapsulates his music, he pauses for a minute, deliberates and then decides on ‘healing’. “What I really want my music to do is to heal people,'' he tells me halfway into our Google Meet conversation.

For those that might not be acquainted with Jujuboy or his music, his answer might come off as slightly pretentious; perplexing, in fact. The genre of music he makes, afrobeats is generally tailor-made for hip-shaking and head-bopping. The complex rhythms, heavy percussion and repeated vocals that characterise the genre would have you shaking a leg at the very least. It is these exact qualities mixed with his own unique elements that he’s banking on to make you feel better.