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Kondé Oko Imagines a New World with “Angelnmbrs”

“Angelnmbrs” is the first single off Kondé’s forthcoming EP, Flykon.

Nigeria’s underground music scene houses some promising acts looking to break into a bigger space. The New Gen sound sees a blend of new ideas and old influences, birthing music capable of breaking barriers but still Nigerian at its core. This revolution cuts across audio and visual forms of expression, and while the mainstream market keeps us going at large, the undergound scene suits those who are constantly seeking the next best thing.

Our focus today is on alternative hip-hop artist, Kondé Oko. He released his first project under his old moniker as he was formerly known as YCG. In his YCG era, his sound was rooted in something psyched out and otherworldly, laced with a capacity to hypnotize its listener. The rapper’s rebrand signified a change in his musical approach, leaning towards more Nigerian influences as seen through his samples and the names of his songs. He fuses this with an exciting trap-heavy outlook that encompasses the Gen Z experience.

This Gen Z experience is evident in the level of intensity that he carries and subsequently passes onto his songs. His new single “Anglenmbrs” toes this line. The song flows into different iterations over the 2:48 duration as Kondé lays verses in tandem with the record’s crushing production. Lyrically he doesn’t lack too much, only dealing with the growing pains of being a budding musician as he tries to perfect the use of his pen.

“Angelnmbrs” is the first single off Kondé’s forthcoming EP, Flykon. The record is a decent pointer to where Flykon is headed, and it serves as a good first impression for listeners who are new to his sound. This project will serve as an opportunity to level up in his career, and if he can apply himself according to his immense talent, the sky is his limit.

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