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Lesbian Visibility Week

25th of April to Sunday the 1st of May.

Since 2008, every 26th of April has been dedicated as the Lesbian Visibility Day. This year, the 25th of April to Sunday the 1st of May has been dedicated as Lesbian Visibility week. A week set apart to celebrate prominent lesbians and their fights towards LGBTQ progress as a whole. More often than not, lesbian visibility week is a time to not only celebrate but for lesbians to also bask in and appreciate their sexuality. My favourite activity this week has been looking on as lesbians on my Twitter timeline participated in various threads that encouraged them to post pictures of themselves with or without their lovers. It felt extremely refreshing to see.

The week is also significant as it uplifts all women, even outside of the LGBTQ community and encourages fights for gender equality. Much like the transgender community and Stonewall, the week serves to highlight prominent events in the fight for LGBTQ rights and also calls for an end to the violence meted out against queer women across the globe. Queer women face a unique kind of gender-based violence, misogyny along with homophobia. It is also more crucial when factored in with race, religion and body politics.

My hope for all lesbians during lesbian visibility week is that they feel loved, cared for and appreciated. That their community continues to grow in numbers and that all LGBTQ people may one day experience equal rights regardless of wherever they find themselves.


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