Lost Files: Nonso Amadi's Alone EP

Lost Files is a column dedicated to celebrating older projects that might have flown under the radar when they were released. This week, Boluwatife Adeyemi reminisces on Nonso Amadi's debut project, Alone.

Transitioning from an underground or niche act to a mainstream artist in Nigeria is both a difficult and calculated endeavour, especially because of the structure of the music industry. Several upcoming or underground acts have to pay through their teeth to get their songs heard on the radio, they have to appease the so-called gatekeepers while also mostly tweaking their sound to pander to what the masses want to hear. However, in the mid-2010s, several young acts started emerging both home and abroad with a unique take on the music coming out of the country and an organic, fast-growing fanbase. One of such acts is Nonso Amadi.

In January of 2016, he released his