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LOVN Continues to Acquaint fans with his Eclectic Brand with New Single "Caution"

The Ilesha-born singer's latest release coalesces elements of Highlife, Afrobeats and hints of other influences.

Listening to Charles “LOVN” Akinloye, one immediately gets a sense that he's soaked up myriad influences. “Abena”, his melodic March release, merges familiar but distinctive delivery and rhythms reminiscent of a number of contemporary Afropop acts. His latest single “Caution”, stimulates a similar feeling, the bouncy record coalescing elements of Highlife, Afrobeats and hints of other influences for a captivating release.

While he’s still clearly growing as an artist, his come up story gives a telling backdrop as to why his artistry is already pretty manifold. The Ilesha-born singer picked up dancing and make-up artistry shortly after dropping out of university due to financial adequacies. After his foray into these different fields, he began to take his music career seriously after some encouragement from a radio personality in 2017. Two years later, he emerged as the winner for Access The Stars, a musical reality show ー after reluctantly registering for the competition ー and this would serve as a launching pad for his career.

With the release of “Caution”, LOVN is gearing up for the release of his self-titled debut project that’s scheduled for release on the 9th of September. With “Caution” and other pre released singles, he’s acquainted fans to his brand of infectious music, now with his forthcoming self-titled project, he’s ready to fully usher fans into his varied musical world.

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