On The Fringe: Brum3h Is The Capital's Gift To Soul

This singer-songwriter's melodic vocals will give John Legend a run for his money!

On the Fringe will attempt to tell stories of artistes who otherwise would not receive mainstream media’s attention due to the absence of representation or the necessary publicity. While some people are not as keen on discovery as some of us are, it is still essential to chronicle the rise of emerging talents that can create timeless records. Artistes covered in the series will be at differing stages in their journeys, but they will all be emerging acts somehow — either unto larger audiences or more niche ones.

The sophistication required to be a session musician at any degree is an inherent trait one either possesses or does not. Just ask anyone who saw the Disney Pixar animation, Soul. For this week’s artist, it is an attribute he has in spades – oh, and a lot of soul to boot. Brumeh, (stylized as Brum3h) born Brumeh Oghenekaro, is a Nigerian R&B/Soul fusion artist from the inimitable capital of