On The Fringe: Zilla Oaks Is Putting Abuja On The Map

Hailing from the country's capital city, Zilla Oaks is among a vanguard of artists fervently pushing the hip hop genre in Nigeria. With his city placed firmly on his back, this rapper is determined to make his mark – or die trying.

On the Fringe will attempt to tell stories of artistes who otherwise would not receive mainstream media’s attention due to the absence of representation or the necessary publicity. While some people are not as keen on discovery as some of us are, it is still essential to chronicle the rise of emerging talents that can create timeless records. Artistes covered in the series will be at differing stages in their journeys, but they will all be emerging acts somehow — either unto larger audiences or more niche ones.

Six years ago, Abuja’s budding music scene had only ever produced a handful of acts, many of which could not equally compete or hold a candle to their counterparts from the South-West. Today, some of the country’s most captivating artists hail from the capital, with a new crop constantly on the verge of breaking out. Six years ag