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Runtown Returns with Brand New Single "Things I Know"

The lead single from his forthcoming album Signs.

As an artist, it is clear you’ve had an impact or at the very least, done something right when you don’t release music for an extended period and fans, from time to time, clamour for new music or ask “where’s xxx?”. That’s the case with Runtown aka Soundgod. Since he gained prominence several years ago, the 33-year-old singer has been a constant source of fresh air musically. Early singles like “Gallardo” and “Successful (Freestyle)” did well to set him apart, highlighting his sharp, witty pen and unique, colourful melodies. A couple of years after his breakout, he released “Mad Over You”, a record that’s unequivocally considered one of the most impactful singles of the last two decades. The pace, tempo and flow which he introduced would go on to partly define and reshape Afropop as we know it today.

After several years in the game, managing to carve out an alternative path for himself in the dense and largely linear Afropop space, he began to slowly recede from the limelight. His releases became a little few and far between and then after the pandemic year, he just stopped all together. He became inconspicuous online and he didn’t put out any new music until two days ago when he released “Things I Know”, the lead single from his upcoming album Signs.

“Things I Know”, produced by Akatché is familiar territory for Runtown: it’s slow, rhythmic and extremely easy on the ears. He expertly lays down his multitudinous thoughts and feelings, crooning about his love interest, prioritizing money and peace over anything else and not paying mind to attention seekers. He ties it all with his idiosyncratic flow which he uses to good effect, gliding over Akatché’s syncopated drums like a seasoned skier in a cross-country race.

“Things I Know” might not be the most flashy way to reintroduce Afropop’s most elusive star but it’s a welcomed reintroduction regardless. Signs, his forthcoming album is slated for release later in the month and Runtown urges you to give him a listening ear, he wants to tell you the things he knows.

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