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She Takes A Peep: Sex Toys

This week, Chiamaka breaks down general sex toys, their purposes and what kind of user they are suited for.

Sex toys play a huge part in what makes kink life enjoyable, fun and experimental. Asides from kinks, even celibate or vanilla people have the opportunity to spice things up with a good vibrator, dildo, inflatable or silicone sex dolls, fleshlights or any other self-pleasure tool. New sex toys are pretty much invented by the day, so do not become too anxious wanting to explore everything at once, or feel that you are missing out if you do not know what a sex toy necessarily does. In this week’s She Takes A Peep, we will break down general sex toys, their purposes and what kind of user they are suited for. Let us take a peep, shall we?

Vibrators are one of the more popular sex toys. Usually, they come in several shapes, sizes and they also serve different functions. Some vibrators offer functions such as steady rhythm or intermittent ‘strokes’ of the motor while some have singular functioning. Vibrators can be used by pretty much anybody, on body parts such as the nipples, clitoris and perineum. They also come in different types, like the rabbit, clitoral, bullet, finger and wand vibrators. Rabbit vibrators feature penetration and clitoral stimulation function. They work well for people who are really into both kinds of stimulation at the same time. They do not work well for people who often cannot achieve a clitoral orgasm while their vagina is also being stimulated.

Clitoral vibrators on the other hand are vibrators that exist solely to stimulate the clitoris. They usually come with just one hole, where either the nipples or clitoris can be placed in. Clitoral vibrators work well for people who enjoy clitoral stimulation much more than internal (penetrative) stimulation. Some popular clitoral vibrators include the rose toy and the Satisfyer Pro. Bullet vibrators are shaped as the name sounds. They are very small vibrators, usually with one or two functions. They do not have many rhythms as rabbits often would. Bullets work well for people who require very discrete toys because they are very small and often not loud. Bullet vibrators are usually placed on the clit, nipples or on the perineum.

Finger vibrators are silicone material wrapped around a motor and come in the shape of actual fingers. The user inserts their fingers into the vibrator and it acts as a substitute for actual fingers. These vibrators work well with people who like finger stimulation, including clitoral and penetration. With lube, the finger vibrator can be inserted. Any sex toy can be enjoyed with (water-based) lube as lubricants are always a plus. Wand vibrators are larger than life, even when they come in minis. They usually have a circular head and a long handle attached which holds the motor. Wand vibrators work well for people who enjoy intense clitoral stimulation, as even their tiniest function is heightened as a result of the circular, powerful head. Wand vibrators are not for people who are looking to be discrete either as they are often noisy.

Dildos are penis-shaped silicone toys. Their primary function is for penetration, mostly self-pleasure and they work well for people who enjoy this over clit stimulation. They can also be used alongside vibrators if preferred. Butt plugs are silicone toys that are used for anal stimulation and insertion. They come in different shapes but must have a distended angle for easy removal. They also come in different sizes and are mainly used for anal training. Anal beads are also for anal stimulation but they are egg or ball-shaped circles that extend from small to large in a symmetrical line. Each ball is connected and the user can take in or leave out as many as they please. Both toys are good for people solely looking to enjoy anal penetration or have their prostates stimulated.

Kink life features many other toys: nipple clamps, paddles, blindfolds, gags and cock cages and they all serve different purposes. Nipple clamps are peg-like toys that put pressure on the nipples or the clit. Paddles, crops, whips and other variations of impact toys are used for spankings or floggings. Gags are used to cut off speech from a person while cock cages are used as torture devices for erect penises. Sex toys that are designed for the needs of people with penises are often fleshlights or inflatable sex dolls, which usually include a silicone hole designed to feel like a vagina. Penis rings are ring-like vibrators that go around a penis. This way, the user feels stimulated even while pleasuring another person. Penis rings can also stimulate the walls of the person who is having relations with said user.

Having all this knowledge coupled with a knack for exploration can be somewhat exhausting, which is why people are encouraged to ease into buying or trying out new sex toys. Get lubricant, a partner who is attentive or self-pleasure if you feel like it. Sex toys should not be shared between partners without the use of condoms as they can also spread sexually transmitted illnesses or diseases. While some sex toys are water-proof, not all are which means they are not suited for shower play. All sex toys can be washed with unscented soap and water or sex toy washes which are usually sold at adult shops that sell sex toys.

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