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She Takes A Peep: Squirting

This week, Chiamaka briefly discusses squirting ー the way it has been sensationalized and the popular misconceptions surrounding it

Squirting is one of the many sexual acts that has been somewhat sensationalized mainly as a result of pornography. A lot of men want to see women squirt because they believe it is evidence, at least of some sort, that they have done a good job. On the flip side, some women also want to squirt because they believe it makes them stand out, much like creaming, to their partners. Either way, people just like some form of visual evidence of the female ‘orgasm’ because it is usually not as obvious as when men ejaculate.

However, squirting is not the only type of orgasm a woman can have. In fact, female ejaculation (squirting) is not orgasm at all. While it may feel like a ‘release’, it is not similar in function to the expulsion of seminal fluid by the penis or even female orgasms by other methods. Clitoral or g spot orgasms exist and they are often not visual in nature.

Squirting is the release of vaginal fluid from the Skene’s gland, which sits at the lower end of the urethra. The receptors which stimulate the urinal gland differ from those which stimulate pee, which means that people who have experienced squirting know the difference between the urge to squirt during sexual interaction versus when they want to pee.

‘Squirt’ fluid can be stimulated either through the clitoris or internally through penetration. Often, there are misconceptions that squirting is pee. While not exactly clear, some percentage of the fluid that comes out during squirting may be urine. However, the overwhelming amount of squirt is vaginal fluid, that often seeps out of the vagina during arousal. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘wetness’ which occurs when the vagina is stimulated and prepared for penetration. This fluid is often ingested during oral sex, so, technically, there is no harm in the case that squirt is also ingested.

It is important to note that squirting does not happen for everybody, so no one has to feel pressured to squirt. Many people who squirt have learnt how to control it, meaning that they do not squirt every time they have sexual interaction. For people who have vaginas and are very keen on squirting, I would suggest trying your hand at it with a good toy. A wand vibrator would work if you feel like you would be able to achieve this while stimulating your clitoris. However, having a dildo or rabbit on hand would be the best practice if you would like to try stimulating the walls of your vagina alongside the clitoris. Take as much time as you need to properly become aroused first before trying for the female ejaculation. Stimulate your nipples, clit and other erogenous zones prior to trying for the final gush.

Whether you squirt or not, it will be a way for you to get to know your body more which is very important for women in general. This way, you can always pleasure yourself and achieve orgasm without always needing the assistance of another partner.

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