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The Growing Impact of Tiktok on an Actor’s Career in Nollywood.

For every actor who is serious about their career, having a social media page where people can see your bio, major credits, and relevant experience is a must-have.

In the past, the norm was that a casting director would hire an actor based on two things: either through their audition or their reputation in the industry. While these two criteria remain critical to casting directors, the use of social media seems to be a new way to find new talents who can go on to become successful movie stars in no time.

The evolution and use of social media within the last few years have changed the careers and trajectories of many. The impact of social media on various sectors over the last couple of years is almost unquantifiable. It has helped break down certain traditional barriers while also providing many with limitless opportunities and contacts that otherwise weren't readily available before the boom of social media. In the film sector, it has provided an avenue and platform for aspiring actors and actresses to showcase their skills through skits, monologues and other means. It has also provided filmmakers and directors a platform to connect and sort through a huge pool of aspiring actors and actresses or unknown faces who are incredibly talented or suited for whatever role they’re looking for.

When it comes to seeking professional work as an actor, you might be eager to use all the tools at your disposal. There are a lot of actors and actresses competing for the same roles, so you might wonder if social media can help you get recognition or bankability. To put it simply: it depends. The role that social media plays in a professional actor's career is somewhat complex. When used well, social media can undoubtedly help connect you to potential audiences and present good opportunities. But like every tool in a professional actor’s toolkit, social media comes with no guarantees save one: social media alone will not book you work as an actor.

For every actor who is serious about their career, having a social media page where people can see your bio, major credits, and relevant experience is a must-have. While many casting directors and agents will advise young actors in workshops to invest their time in watching more experienced actors to develop their skills, cultivating a social media presence, and following creates an avenue for potential collaborators to get to know you. It’s an opportunity to create and showcase your brand. And it’s important to be mindful about how you do this.

Of all the social media apps, Tiktok seems to be taking a new dimension with what it allows content creators to achieve in a short video. Initially, a lot of people had a preconceived notion that the app. Many assumed it was another one of those apps for the GenZ generation when it began gaining traction in 2020 and it was going to fade off soon enough. However, the app currently records over a billion active global users and its current impact cannot be overstated. Tiktok has a vaunted algorithm and it takes less than a minute to make a video, song, or film scene go viral. Unlike platforms like YouTube where you can upload a full film and struggle to get people to watch, it only takes a scene or a line with Tiktok.

All a creator has to do is mock movies or use lines from films as the pre-recorded background to their clips as they lip-sync along. The use of comedic twists in film scenes and trailers is also used to create publicity by producers during marketing. The app has provided a good number of old movies with new publicity. . For instance, Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys (The Return Of The King) gained extra traction because of the famous Tiktok challenge at the time and it took just one scene to do that.

Aside from popularizing movies, another advantage of Tiktok is its accessibility. It’s relatively easy to navigate and content gets to the end users in little to no time. Obviously, like most other things, TikTok has its pros and cons, when considered in relation to the film industry. Regardless, its good vastly outweighs its bad ー especially for up-and-comers ー so it's safe to say TikTok has generally become a good leverage for the film industry to showcase new talents.

The key thing to remember is that social media is a valuable tool for your acting career even if it doesn't lead directly to an acting gig. Social media can have great purpose and effect in the hands of a savvy professional actor. Treat your pages like a resume, and tailor your online presence to reflect the professional image you’d like to project both to those you know, and those you don’t know.

Using social media can be one of many tools you can use to pursue a specific role, but nothing can obviously be guaranteed. Also, keep in mind that while using apps like Tiktok to showcase your craft, everyone can see your professional online presence so ensure that you bring your best foot forward by being dynamic. Along the line, developing relationships with people in the industry can help elevate your growth. A new opportunity may also arise by developing relationships with others, including other actors. Using social media the right way to elevate your career can ensure your success if you keep evolving your craft and showing it to the world.



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