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The It Girls of the Gram

We spotlight some of the coolest It girls to follow on Instagram.

For some of us, Instagram is that app we scroll through mindlessly; perhaps due to boredom, lack of anything better to do or just to escape the harsh realities of life. Sometimes when we go on our timeline, we’re looking for something fresh, relatable, colourful, creative, aesthetically pleasing, or possibly downright hilarious. The It Girls of the Gram will definitely give you the best of these.

Here are five Nigerian It girls you should be following:

Deto Black

Deto Tejuoso is a 25-year-old eccentric fashionista, model, rising rapper, and quite frankly, THAT bitch. From her bold, technicolor wigs and mini-skirts to her knee-length boots, you are assured of an entertaining experience as her follower. Her official rap debut was on Odunsi’s “Body Count” alongside Amaarae and Gigi Atlantis, which was featured on his “Everything You Heard is True” EP in May 2020. Long-time followers of Deto were surprised but massively excited for this new side of her. If you love pleasant surprises, Deto Black should definitely be on your following list.

Amy Okoli