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The Pick: A.BEEB's "You're Online..." Is A Tale of Unrequited Love

Our song of the week!

We’ve all sent that text.

It’s 2:00 AM and the only sounds disturbing the peace of night are the slow whirls of the ceiling fan and your finger click-clacking at your phone screen. You delete and edit sixteen times, making sure the words are intentional, saying what you want to say. Finally, you take a deep breath and hit send. You stare at the message, testing your telekinetic powers by willing the message to travel through the different channels to their phone. You hear the notification sound that lets you know the text has been sent. One second, two seconds, three seconds, four sec – oh, there it is. A double tick. The message has been delivered. Your eyes travel up to their display name, and WhatsApp confirms what you already know: They’re online, but they are ignoring you. You tell yourself it’s nothing, you can’t be the only one they are texting, so it’s normal they haven’t responded. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Two hours. It’s 9:00 AM now.

Unrequited love hurts, especially when your feelings are genuine. On Atlanta-based artist A.BEEB’s latest single, “You’re Online...”, these emotions pour out as he speaks to the girl of his dreams. Over the soft bed of drums and a piano, he pleads with her to put more effort into their relationship: “Treat me like you met me for the first time/Love me like you said you did at first sight…/Girl, you know I need you for me on my worst times/Girl, I need you for me on my worst nights.”

Despite opening up and being honest about his feelings, he still doesn’t get a response, leading him to sing the words of the title: “You’re not typing, but I can see that you’re online/No problem with your connection girl, you’re online…”

It’s difficult to stop loving, and feelings are hard to get rid of, but it’s essential to know when to quit and direct our attention elsewhere. A.BEEB seems to agree as he assesses his woman’s demands and decides to leave her for her other guy. Good for him, and a lesson for you reading this.

“You’re Online...” is A.BEEB’s second single of the year after “Man Down” featuring Lamii, which has amassed over 60,000 streams on Spotify alone. Asides from his excellent songwriting and delivery, the soft track is also a statement from A.BEEB and his style of music, which is, ironically, no style at all. His Instagram bio reads “No Genre” and his work proves that he is indeed a multi-dimensional artist. From Afropop to R&B and Hip-Hop, he continues to show his range and prove why he is one to watch closely in the times to come.

Listen to “You’re Online” below.

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