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The Pick: Aabiola Talks Toxic Love on “Monday To Weekend”

Our song of the week!

At its core, art is meant to represent real life. The art we produce comes as a result of the sum-total of our experiences. It serves as a reference point from which our artistry runs wild. Whether happy memories, states of confusion or sad thoughts, it forms the basis for everything that comes from us artistically.

Burgeoning artist Aabiola shares this sentiment as he talks about toxic love on his new record, “Monday to Weekend”. Much like everyone else, Aabiola finds himself entangled in a relationship that lasts longer than he initially thought it would. It starts off rosy, but quickly fizzles out. This gives rise to an anticlimactic end to an involvement that started out under different circumstances.

He taps up Phillyblack for the record. Together, they flow in tandem with the song’s smooth production — one laced with subtle strings and shakers. It is bound to elicit head bumps, and its simple lyrics will prompt an inadvertent sing-along. The track was produced by his longtime friend and producer, Kuraiye as well as LordIce.

A mix of reggaeton and Afrofusion makes up Aabiola’s musical landscape. Despite this, he holds an ability to adapt to any record due to his sultry voice and smooth delivery. “I can go on anything,” he tells me, “the vibe just has to be right.” It seems to come naturally to him, as he brings that vibe to his most recent effort.

“Monday to Weekend” is a decent start to a solo career for Aabiola, as he put together a catchy record with great replay value. He promises new music on the horizon. It remains to be seen how he improves, but Aabiola is a talent you would hear more about in the near future.



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