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The Pick: AGUNNA’s “Gully” Reinforces the Rebirth of Rap in Nigeria.

Our Song Of The Week!

Rap is about realness. It’s an artform based on a mix of poetry and reality. There is no “right” way to rap, it all boils down to how easily you can get through to your listeners with a creative use of words. At a time where Afrobeats continues to expand, Nigerian rap is experiencing a rebirth of its own.

Artists like Psycho YP, Alpha Ojini, MOJO AF and others have put a new spin to Nigeria’s rap scene. Other subgenres have emerged, especially our take on Drill music, as it is laced with allusions to reality of life in the country. Agunna’s “Gully” reinforces that fact. After starting out as part of the Abuja collective, Anti-World Gangstars, he chased a solo career in a bid to exist in the music space with his unique identity. “Gully” serves as his second release since the start of his solo journey, and for this record he taps up longtime collaborator and Anti-World member, ODUMODUBLVCK.

The record turns out to be a pulsating performance. It is bound to elicit mosh pits and fun dances. Agunna and ODUMODU weave bars round a drill beat that mixes foreign appeal with Nigerian flavour. Their pen game is potent, and having originated from the Abuja scene, they bring energy that is reminiscent of Nigeria’s capital.

As Nigerian music crosses new borders, we continue to see new and innovative music released with frightening frequency. Artists like Backroad Gee, Frisco, and others have crossed the seas to liaise with our artists more recently. It’s a time where rap is morphing into something new and different. The rebirth is evident for all to see, and the revolution will be televised.

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