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The Pick: "Ase" encapsulates Ayra Starr's do-what-I-want energy.

Our Song Of The Week!

Since bursting onto the scene, Ayra Starr continues to make her mark as one of the hottest acts out of Nigeria, and even Africa as a whole. Her star power is unmatched and keeps growing with every almost song and picture she appears in.

While her first project served as a means for us to get used to her voice and artistry, the Mavin Records signee set the tone for her rise with her 2021 debut album 19 & Dangerous, which housed statement records like “Beggie Beggie”, “Fashion Killer”, as well as the smash hit “Bloody Samaritan”. Ayra Starr is gradually generating a reputation for being a great songwriter and she is now widely accepted as the Gen-Z poster girl — known for her energy, sultry voice, and rebellious nature.

She displays this personality on her new COLORS record, “Ase”. This is her first COLORS appearance, serving us another dose of Afrosoul goodness. Ayra has a sound that will easily resonate with you, and her performance on this record is bound to expose her to a wider audience. She sings, “I know you want the best for me/but let me live the way that I sabi/It’s a thing of joy/Be proud of it”, which properly encapsulates the do-what-I-want energy she’s brought since her debut project.

Her growth has been mercurial and amazing to witness. Ayra Starr’s rise is a testament to what proper planning and artist development can do for a young singer’s career. In a time of short attention spans, she has everyone’s eyes and ears; and is now specially placed to help the Afrobeats push for global dominance.

The sky is only a launch pad for the 20-year-old singer, and “Ase” is a pointer to significant strides Ayra Starr will make in the next few years.

You can listen below to the song below.



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