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The Pick: Ayra Starr's "Bloody Samaritan" Is A Blazing Anthem of Affirmation

Our song of the week!

“Bloody Samaritan” is the lead single from Ayra Starr’s highly anticipated forthcoming debut album 19 & Dangerous. A buoyant anthem of affirmation, the percussive number is brimming with an audacious spirit that we haven’t really seen from the 19-year-old Mavin signee. “Bloody Samaritan” finds the 19-year-old employing a spirited flow to deliver bold and unapologetic lyrics over kwaito-inspired house production, unveiling her range and the depths of her artistic versatility.

While her self-titled EP was filled with R&B and Soul inspired cuts, her latest release flips the script. “No, dem no fit kill my vibe / Dem no fit kill my vibe,” she sings assuredly over rhythmic percussions and oscillating shakers courtesy of Mavins in-house producer London. She’s impenitent, defiant even, as she wants to live her life on her own terms without pandering to public opinion or nosy onlookers. “I see you gauging my stories; I see you watching my lifestyle / I see you watching my movements / This bad bitch bad every day,” she sings unapologetically. While Ayra Starr’s swirling, soothing vocals and her sturdy lyrics stand out, credit must also be given to London’s production, which essentially brings the record to life. His buoyant percussions, patchy and glittering guitar lines and brilliant horn section brighten the record and make it sound like it could find a home on one of Black Coffee’s many albums.

Upon the release of “Bloody Samaritan” last Friday, Ayra Starr took to Twitter to express herself: “I would like to apologize to myself for believing I was anything less than I am and I forgive those who tried to make me feel that way.” This uncompromising and in-your-face energy is definitely welcome and if this energy and momentum translates into the forthcoming music, we’re definitely in for a special treat.

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