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The Pick: Blaqbonez Teams Up With Jae 5 to Deliver Melodic New Single "Back In Uni"

Our Song Of The Week!

Blaqbonez courts controversy. That has been his major appeal for a while now. His music is sturdy, don’t be mistaken. While he came out years ago — keen with a tireless work ethic — spitting cutthroat raps over dusty hip-hop beats, he’s since been able to lace his witty punchlines with stirring melodies that’s made his music more accessible and in turn shot him up into the green rooms of the mainstream. Much like his latest release — the lead single from his forthcoming album Young Preacher — “Back In Uni”, he sings and raps smoothly over Jae 5’s familiar drums about his promiscuous ways, repeatedly singing: “All the hearts I broke in Lekki, only God fit to protect me / All the lies I told them girlies, Goddamn I’m way too reckless”. He continually sticks to his sex over love motif, reminiscing about past philandering experiences.

But Blaqbonez’s name is almost synonymous with controversy at this point. If he’s not involved in one of his countless rap beefs, he’s making provocative tweets or hilarious, silly skits that gets everyone talking, for better or for worse. While “Back In Uni” is a solid, enjoyable record, it’s the accompanying music video that’ll take most of the headlines and rightfully so. On his directorial debut, along with Perliks, he brings to life one of the most creative and hilarious music videos you’ll watch all year. He recreates Burna Boy’s recent Dazed cover shoot, Wizkid’s “Bad To Me” cover, Oxlade’s famous colors performance and different music videos while also passing his own unique, hysterical commentary on Buju and Ruger’s recent riff. It’s Blaqbonez at his best: amplifying himself and by extension, his craft, with some of the most creative strategies you’ll see around.

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