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The Pick: Ejoya & Loti make magic with "Gold Coast Baby"

Our song of the week!

The importance of platforms dedicated to amplifying lesser-known names in the music industry cannot be overstated. Ejoya Music, a global distribution company that also offers marketing services, is spearheading this by providing a foundation for these next-gen artists to take off with their “Class of” series. After helping the likes of Buju, Mojo, YKB, and producers such as Remy Baggins, Grammy winner Telz, and more, Ejoya’s second instalment of the annual compilation, aims to elevate the craft of up and coming musicians in the afrobeats scene by emphasizing originality, versatility and collaboration. PsychoYP and frequent collaborator Azanti, hip hop starlet SGawD, Kemena, Laime are some of the names on display and seasoned acts like Teni and Oxlade, all blending to create a delicious serving of Afrobeats influenced music.

It is hard to really choose an objective favourite from a selection of some of the most talented music acts in the country, but, perhaps, the most striking cut on the project is “Gold Coast Baby”, featuring R&B/Soul artist Loti. Known for his beautiful melodies and heartfelt songwriting centering themes of love, both good and bad, Loti is a leading light amongst the softer-sounding artistes of the next generation and one definitely destined for the top of his game.

Ghana has long been a favourite interest of Nigerian musicians and the industry in general, borrowing dance moves and music styles while collaborations with artists from the neighbouring country have increased steadily in quantity and quality. Ghanaian women, too, have become muses for artistes as well.

On “Gold Coast Baby”, Loti’s voice floats smoothly in adoration of his Ghanian lover who he wants to “sing like Amaarae.” Over a bouncy production, which is heavy on the piano and drums, he sets the tone for this romantic offering with vivid imagery of scented candles and a couple intertwined in the throes of passion. He is at his loverboy best, describing his plans for his romantic interest in language that can be described as filthy or flavorful depending on what side of English you fall on: “ my baby out like creme brulee, “...traumatize your kitty cat”, “eat that booty like an appetizer.”

Although the album’s wider picture shows the possibilities of great music that can be enjoyed through deliberate effort to platform talented musicians and collaboration, the track on its own is enjoyable by itself without the story behind its creation. With excellent production, quotable lyrics and a vibe you can dance to, “Gold Coast Baby” is a jam for days and a worthy addition to any playlist.

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