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The Pick: Lojay Is Loud and Liquid On “LEADER!”

Our song of the week!

Lojay’s musical style stuck out like a sore thumb when he released his debut EP, LV N ATTN. He earned several plaudits for this effort, catapulting himself to the top of the charts and the tip of our tongues. His effect was mercurial. With Sarz, he could craft five tracks that showed his range of execution, delivery, and hit-making tendencies — all he needs is a fire beat.

His latest release, “LEADER!”, reinforces this point. There was bubbling anticipation for the record after a few leaks surfaced online, which were timely taken down. Produced by P.priime, “LEADER!” sees Lojay in his loudest and most liquid state, slithering between the record’s engulfing 808s. Though barely a week since it was officially released, “LEADER!” seems a certified anthem.

The chorus is an allusion to Elon Musk’s most sought-after creation. “Shey you don see motor with suicide door and electric charger?/We dey do pim pim pim with American boys for Silicon Valley!” he sings with purpose. Lojay’s songwriting is based mainly on simplicity, allowing for easy memorization of his lyrics. I could type the entire song in this piece right now without the help of the music.

Lojay’s brand insists that he has to accompany the music with engaging visuals. The record’s video surfaced shortly after the song’s release. Lojay’s performance in front of the camera is emphatic, with UaX directing a futuristic outlook that’s akin to what The Matrix Trilogy would look like in an alternate universe. Between the red background, a Tesla, and an assortment of beautiful women, “LEADER!” also turns out to be a fun watch as well.

A long absence after releasing one of the projects of 2021 isn’t the best strategy to ensure continuity in your career. Despite going AWOL, Lojay appeases the fans nicely. If anybody stopped checking for him before, it’s time to keep your eyes and ears on his next move.



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