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The Pick: Moore DH taps Blaqbonez for a Sex Over Love-themed Message.

Our song of the week!

The best thing about watching a young artist’s development is witnessing how hungry they are for success when they start. Something about their music feels pure and unfiltered, coming from a genuine place.

After releasing his first EP Moore or Less in 2020, his discography has grown steadily with other releases like “4AM in Eko” and “Too Soft”. On his latest record “WAP” — an acronym that stands for “Women Are Problem” — Moore DH is unfiltered. At a time when he shows great potential, Moore speaks on the distractions he feels women bring to your quest for success, while simultaneously dismissing the importance of dating as a whole.

He taps up Blaqbonez to buttress his point on the subject. Together, the duo delivers a Sex Over Love-themed message, one that advocates for men to focus on themselves. With constant complaints about the state of the dating pool in the country, it is a song that will resonate with several people. I’m sure a few women would have something to say about it as well.

As for the sonical content itself, Moore DH displays a penchant for good songwriting and delivery, as well as synergy with his guest artist. His voice dovetails nicely with the smooth instrumental, weaving colourful patterns across the beat with his raspy, but gentle vocals.

Blaqbonez has been in his bag over the last few months and justifies Moore’s decision to get him on the song. The more you listen to it, it sounds like you could slip it in the Sex over Love album tracklist and no one would even notice.

We picked this song because we believe it is good enough to stand out in an ever-growing pool of amazing music. It’s a fun record that makes for an easy listen.



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