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The Pick: Native Sound System return with a star-studded cast on "Wedding Ring"

Our song of the week!

NATIVE Sound System continues to direct attention toward their direction. In April they released their first single to the world, enlisting new stars Lojay and Ayra Starr on the record titled “Runaway”. The accompanying video directed by Dafe Oboro features warm visuals which reflect the song’s mood about loneliness and lost love. “Runaway” seems to have opened the floodgates for more releases that will be put out in the coming months.

Releasing music on the same day as a heavy hitter like Burna Boy ( which almost guarantees getting drowned out by the African Giant) indicates a great resolve and trust in your art. On July 8th, NATIVE Sound System released its latest single titled “Wedding Ring”. Produced by Trill Xoe, “Wedding Ring” features Boj, WANI, Odunsi (the Engine) and Odeal who are some of the most talented mainstream-adjacent artists in the country. This blend of musicians put together a record that blurs the lines existing between the mainstream and alté soundscapes.

WANI’s vocals sit comfortably in Trill Xoe’s airy, bouncy production, putting on a performance characteristic of his artistry that has helped him amass a cult following. His chorus lays the foundation for his fellow guests to do their thing. Boj, as well as Odunsi and Odeal only had a few bars to make an impression, but each of them held their own comfortably in a game of musical tag team. Their ability to bring their A-game, whether on their own song or 30-second guest features, is unmatched.

It is not easy to bring a star-studded cast to any song, let alone pull it off back to back. With two significant releases under their belt, the country is bound to stand up and take notice. It remains to be seen what will happen next from NATIVE Sound System, but rest assured whatever they put out next will tickle everyone’s curiosity.



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