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The Pick: Niniola is as Smooth as Ever on New Single "Want"

Our song of the week!

Nigeria’s queen of house is at it again with another infectious record. Over the years, Niniola has made a name for herself with her distinct sound and execution, and a particular energy that only she brings to Nigeria’s music space. She’s unmatched with her lyrics and her appeal, sometimes it feels like she creates hits for fun. After a consistent run of singles which include bops like “Bana” and “Omo Rapala”, she released her last album Colours and Sounds in 2020, which was received with a decent amount of acclaim.

Last week, she released her latest single, titled “Want”. As someone who has dabbled in Nigerian versions of South African sounds in the past, it is no surprise that she takes the Amapiano route on this record. Niniola is comfortable in this space, riding the beat so deftly that every percussion on the instrumental actually hits different — she has Smeez and D3an to thank for such immersive production.

Lyrically, Niniola doesn’t overcomplicate things. She serenades her lover, asking for loyalty and condemning naysayers who are against her love and happiness. Whatever Niniola sings about always bangs, and her sultry voice leaves an impression on everybody who listens. She’s had that effect on previous singles like “Boda Sodiq” and the Sarz-assisted “Designer”.

Her standing in the Afrobeat space is certified, without any shadow of doubt. Niniola hasn’t veered from her path since her breakout “Ibadi”, and honestly, it is refreshing to see a Nigerian artist champion another aspect of Afrobeats so comfortably. If her discography is anything to go by, her sound is evergreen, and we can’t wait to see what Nini has up her sleeve in the coming months.

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