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The Pick: Pheelz and BNXN combine to deliver an early contender for song of the year.

Our song of the week!

Nigeria’s largely single driven market is one of the reasons artists from here are so successful. While Davido’s recently wrapped O2 arena concert has come under fire for shoddy sound production and haphazard set arrangements, one of the moments praised for its organic formation and culmination was the appearance of Nigerian super producer Pheelz alongside Davido on stage. Brought out to perform his latest single, "Finesse" the producer-turned-artist celebrated his first number one record on Apple Music’s Africa and Dominica charts.

The record's success owes to a number of well-placed elements. Featuring BNXN and produced by one of Pheelz’ protégés, Michael, "Finesse’s" rise has been meteoric. Possessing a catchy hook can help a record register under singalong status faster than anything else and Pheelz’s pen produced one of the catchiest in recent memory.

Like most records produced in this age, Finesse coalesced over a few Instagram DMs and less than a week from recording and release, it had found immense success. Maintaining BNXN's incredible feature run and catapulting Pheelz’s recording career from obscurity to the limelight, there seems to be little this record cannot achieve. The nonsensical hook is juxtaposed by honest but braggadocious verses and the definition of the title doesn’t seem to come into play until you glean the hidden meaning. Potentially one of the year’s biggest records, Finesse could have more in the tank than anyone expected.

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