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The Pick: Rema Is At His Matured Finest On "Soundgasm"

The 21-year-old singer is grown and he's not afraid to let us know it!

At the beginning of the 2010s, the world was fully introduced to a starry-eyed Wizkid with the release of his debut single, “Holla At Your Boy”. The smash-hit mostly appealed to a younger audience as the song centered on teenage romance with an alluring accompanying video set in an innocuous high school. He immediately became a heartthrob that the Gen Z generation loved and adored. However, his next single ー “Tease Me / Bad Guys” ー expanded his audience and changed his jejune perception quickly. The visuals for the sensual single saw a young Wizkid in a dim-lit club surrounded by strippers. The song also featured slightly raunchy lyrics making his music more captivating for the older audience. Banky W, Wizkid’s label head at the time, was credited for masterminding the smooth transition of the then superstar in the making.

Music moguls Don Jazzy and D’Prince have employed a similar method for Afropop’s latest sensation Rema. Having debuted in 2019, his earlier singles also centered around teenage infatuation and youthful angst, making his music appealing to the younger crowd. However, as time went on, he started expanding the scope of his music, lyrically and otherwise, while also expanding his audience. Earlier in the year, he released the energetic Don Jazzy-produced “Bounce”, which features some of his most explicit lyrics to date. The 21-year-old star claimed that the single was inspired by “the luscious and magnificent body of the African woman”.

His latest single, “Soundgasm”, further enhances his transition from a young talented act with boyish charm to a full-fledged, well-rounded act that has come into his own and is not scared to address his lustful desires. The titillating, guitar-driven record sees Rema at his most racy. His colourful melodies and harmonies coupled with London’s beautiful guitar loop and insistent percussions are impressive. However, the lusty brilliance of “Soundgasm” lies in its musicality and lyricism. He gets straight to the point in the opening lines: “Yeah yeah, sexy love is what she needs from a bad boy like me.” He fully understands the assignment and he doesn’t mince words as he recites his various sexual fantasies in a hushed tone giving the song a more sultry and sensual feel.

According to a press release, “Soundgasm” would appear on Rema’s highly anticipated debut album. It’s nice to see that the “Dumebi” crooner has matured and is ready to deliver a versatile album ー both in sound, themes, approach, and much more ー that we cannot wait to hear.

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