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The Pick: Somadina's Eclecticism Shines Through Once Again on New Single "Y I Want You"

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Perhaps the most beautiful thing about following an artist's journey is seeing their evolution in real time. Watching their different phases, sonic dalliances and growth often makes you feel like you’re a part — even in the slightest bit — of their story. There’s also a sense of pride, minuscule or otherwise, that you feel watching them unfold. It’s similar to the hometown pride that you might feel watching your local team climb up the different divisions.

2018 was the first time I heard Somadina and it was on her dazzling debut titled “IHY”. The circumstances are a little hazy right now but I remember I was forced to pay attention. Not only because of the vim that accompanied the song’s strong hook (I hate you so much / You left me to rot ) which she sang repeatedly but also her striking vocals which is equal parts sharp and tender. “IHY” is a traditional pop song: catchy hook, reasonably easy on the ears, sung over KD’s thumping, slow drums. What I was, however, quick to discover was that Somadina is far from conventional. Her subsequent releases — “Lay Low”, Five Stages, “SUPERSOMA” and Rolling Loud” portrayed an artist that showed a staunch desire to be eclectic.

Since her debut, she has had flirtations with R&B, Pop, Soul, Afropop, Rap, Rock, Garage and more, even going ahead to marry some of these genres to formulate experimental and progressive records that has clearly set her apart from her peers. Placing a bet on what her next record might sound like is like playing Russian Roulette. There’s no signature Somadina sound, her eclecticism is what makes unique, it’s what makes her stand out.

Last week, the singer announced her forthcoming project Heart Of The Heavenly Undeniable (HOTHU) along with her new single titled “Y I Want You”. It’s a daring lead single that borrows influences from England's famous dance music style Garage. She skids over the incredibly catchy instrumental with minimal fuss. “You a treasure drug / Escape to pleasures out my mind / Way your body is talk is so appealing / That’s why I want you all the time” she sings cheerily about a romantic interest.

At just under two minutes, “Y I want You” serves as an appetizer, something to keep listeners hooked before the project arrives later in the month but other than that, the single also reinforces Somadina’s willingness to not be placed in a box, to explore the limits of her expansive artistry as much as she can.



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