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The Pick: Straffiti and Rookie SBK share lead single from their forthcoming collaborative tape.

Our song of the week!

First recorded in early 2021, “Sullen” was fully formed on a trip to Ghana. A collaborative effort between Rookie SBK (of Forevatired) and Straffiti (of Thirsty Worldwide), the single ended up finished in January after Straffiti heard a reference/demo version of it. After he reviewed it with some people, the positive reactions garnered gave new life to the record.

The prelude to Keeps – a collaborative tape between Rookie SBK and Strafitti – “Sullen” is the result of a shared vision saving a single from the forever unreleased category. ‘’I was actually gonna scrap the song or pitch it to another artist but I guess the universe had other plans.” shares Rookie SBK, the songwriter and vocalist on “Sullen”.

Trading bars between themselves, Rookie and Strafitti both bring melodious cadences to their verses and the lyrics are a slight departure from run of the mill Afrobeats verbiage. “Sullen you’re falling, your body over mine, I’m folding all the time” makes up the hook and is bordered by impressive verses from both singers. The lyrics are also another indication of the R&B tinged direction the project might be headed in.

The record's subject matter is familiar territory for both artists who have found slight success in Afro R&B pockets. Drawing from Disney and Caribbean influences, the flow, melody and inflections are all clear as the production kicks in.

A slightly unexpected collaborative effort, the largely positive feedback since the single's release might spur on further drops before the project's April Fool's release date.

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