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The Pick: T.I Blaze taps Olamide for the remix of his viral hit "Sometimes"

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Social media’s role in popularizing new acts cannot be understated, nearly a whole generation of artists have found success on the interwebs. For T.I Blaze, his vehicle of choice was TikTok, the multibillion-dollar video streaming app responsible for publicizing global superstars like Khaby and reinforcing the stardom of certain others like Jason Derulo. After a middling 2021, the budding act released the original version of the record in September to unexpectedly rave reviews. Shortly after its release, the single became a TikTok hit with users applying it as a soundtrack to over five million videos. Fast forward to the first week of 2022 and T.I Blaze has joined the numerous up and comers who have earned an Olamide verse and co-sign. The veteran rapper has delivered a potent verse to take the record to new heights. Continuing his strong end to 2021/strong start to 2022, the verse is essentially a carryover of standard-issue Olamide bars, witty lyricism, cheeky anecdotes and a buttload of hyperbole.

While none of this necessarily provides a spotlight for T.I Blaze himself to stand out, his efforts on “Sometimes” more than make up for the lack of personality he has expressed so far. He effortlessly cruises over Eskeez's mid-tempo drums, providing gripping melodies and inspirational lyrics. Baring himself on the record and less across social media, it seems like more of an anomaly that an artist who goes viral does not attempt to either recreate or stick to the formula that got him there. Yet, T.I Blaze is pathfinding admirably in a bid to establish himself as one of the next important voices in Afropop.

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