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The Pick: The emotive "Genuine" underlines SirBastien's growth.

Our Song Of The Week!

There has been an obvious and clear progression in the career and works of SirBastien, the multitalented, Ibadan-based producer, singer and songwriter. 2019’s Mango, his debut, is a collection of warm Neo-soul, R&B and Bedroom pop numbers mostly buoyed by tranquil production but sometimes weighed down by its slightly lukewarm execution. The tropical follow-up Mango Island, sturdier and sunnier, updates its predecessor’s formula. While SirBastien’s production still remains temperate and he still explores familiar genres, his approach is bolder and a little more expansive with tracks like “Home With You” and “Addis Ababa” clearly underlining his growth.

Within seconds of Jellyfish, his newly released EP, you can almost tell he has clearly progressed again. The production, watery and twinkly, is noticeably different from anything he’s done in the past. His voice also sounds different, a little more refined and clearer. Through the project’s thirteen minutes runtime, SirBastien makes his case as one of the country’s most exciting up-comers, flexing his production chops and his pen game, one that has noticeably improved over the years. Jellyfish contains a couple of highlights: the SGaWD-assisted “Changes”, his impressive production and vocal work on the title track, and those drums on “Angel Eyes”. None, however, standouts like the emotive closer “Genuine”.

SirBastien has produced a good number of love-inspired records over the years, his discography is basically ridden with them. But none sounds as good and as (wait for it) genuine as “Genuine”. The record is anchored by an incredibly soft and affectionate hook: “I can’t believe that you came this close to me / And oh, can’t deny that this love I have for you is genuine” which he delivers almost perfectly, highlighting the leaps he has made from his debut. It's simple and sweet and that’s precisely what makes it work. SOLIS’ verse is equally warm and delicate, fitting in nicely like the final piece of a puzzle. While he’s still clearly growing, it’s quite apparent now that SirBastien is morphing into a virtuoso of some sort, one that has a well-defined creative identity and one that has a glistening future ahead of him.



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