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The Pick: Tim Lyre and Lex Amor concoct a smokey, mellow brew on "Hubris"

Our Song Of The Week!

Tim Lyre’s staggered return to the album circuit continues this week with the release of “Hubris”, the latest addition to the singles from his forthcoming debut album Worry <.

Enlisting the services of fast-rising British rapper and singer/songwriter, Lex Amor, the pair manage to concoct a spacey, smokey and mellow brew. Almost R&Besque due to elements like the duet and slow-paced BPM, the lyricism is a mixture of classic Tim Lyre arcane raps and Lex’s sultry, almost dragging flow. “If I get lit I no go fit carry myself, so keep a bredrin by the side of me, it’s nighttime, me I’m trying to pattern, my Ls, myself” raps Lex, closing out her immaculate verse and allude to a need for companionship, a sub-theme of the record. Tim is deep in his subtle braggadocio bag rapping lines like “You are now tuned in to the highest of frequencies, best believe / And we do this frequently, easily / This the coolest, it’s just facts nigga, this ain’t hubris” with an effortless cool.

The fifth single off his latest project highlights another possible direction he could explore as it bears stark differences to singles, “Highlife” (featuring Lady Donli and Prettyboy D-O) and “Primetime” (alongside July Drama). However, over the nine-song runtime, it could end up being an overly diverse affair.

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