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The Pick: Tomi Thomas and Buju Banton Rile Up A "Hurricane"

Our song of the week!

Watching an artiste grow through various seasons of life is probably one of the greatest things about being a music fan. From lyrical content and music genres to creative direction and even collaborative efforts, seeing changes over the years brings its own fulfilment and satisfaction. One of such musicians is Tomi Thomas. From his formative years as a member of the LOS collective to weathering the storms as a solo act. Through all, he has been graceful, delivering beautiful songs with his trademark excellent lyricism and melodies.

On June 3 2021, he released a new EP titled Hopeless Romantic. The build-up to this project actually began in August 2020 when he released the titular track. A couple of months later, he released “Who Knew” and, in April 2021, released the last promotional single, “Again.” With each release, anticipation grew amongst his fans, who had been starved of a Tomi Thomas body of work since 2018’s collaborative project with producer Leriq. True to his impeccable standards and as he has stated before, Hopeless Romantic is a well-curated project showcasing his growth both sonically and as a person.

The standout cut on the EP is “Hurricane” featuring iconic and award-winning reggae and dancehall artiste Buju Banton. On the track, Thomas’s well-known lyrical and songwriting skills take preeminence. Comparing his love interest to a hurricane, his words create imagery: ocean and flow/ commotion/ coming like a hurricane, building the experience around in your mind’s eye. This experience is heightened by Genio Bambino’s ace production, which builds gradually from the first verse until it hits an epic climax at the song’s chorus. Buju Banton treads a more literal path, abandoning similes and figures of speech, preferring to state his partner’s qualities as it is: “Crazy man surround yuh Gyal wine and do yuh ting/Turn yuh waistline and mek dem headtop spin/Gyal hold dem hand tight/Caah them inna trouble.”

Strumming his guitar and whipping his dreadlocks, Tomi Thomas has undergone impeccable growth since his early days, and it’s evident and tangible in his latest project. The road as a solo artist is way different, but, like the hook on this phenomenal track, he is insistent and urgent in his need to deliver great sounds, his determination and love loud and clear through the lyrics – just like a hurricane.

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