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Wafflesncream Releases New Collection With Jungles Jungles

All proceeds of this project will go directly to the wafflesncream skate fund.

Last week, Nigerian-based skate collective and streetwear fashion brand, wafflesncream, released a limited-edition collection in collaboration with Melbourne, Australia-based clothing brand, Jungles Jungles. Purportedly offering clothing with elements centered around anti-establishment, escapism, and radicalism, these messages are conveyed through bold graphics and textual representation attempting to elicit feelings of neo-nationalism for a new generation of Africans.

Using art from specific Nigerian landmarks and prevalent symbolic imagery, wafflesncream highlights some of the most significant pieces of our culture (including foods and people) from across the nation through a frame of marketability at a time when our identities are threatened by unrest and economic stagnation. Also featuring the highly anticipated Lagos-based skate park the company has promised to deliver on, the art bridges the past of Nigeria with its potential future through the graphics.

The limited-edition release consists of two tee shirts and a sweatshirt in two colourways each (specifically beige and white) and is available on the wafflesncream website. With the proceeds set to go towards the wafflesncream skate fund, an initiative started by the brand which will allow skaters in the city of Lagos to purchase skate parts discounted at 50% off, they maintain a grip on the future of the sport in Nigeria and Africa, while pushing the boundaries of African streetwear.

Shop the new collection here.


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