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WAFFLESNCREAM Releases New Jungle Jungle Capsule

The Nigerian skatewear brand launches its first drop of the year.

Five months after the release of their Japanese-made capsule, WAFFLESNCREAM is back with their latest capsule, Jungle Jungle. The safari-themed capsule is inspired by Nigerian hunting festivals as this is currently the season for such. Speaking on the collection’s design choices, WAFFLESNCREAM Creative Director, Jomi Bello, tells B.Side: “We just wanted to celebrate hunting culture in Nigeria and ceremonies that go on behind them. It’s something we don’t really experience in the city.”

The capsule is the skatewear brand’s first release of the year and also the first launch in their new flagship store which is scheduled to open in May. Per this re-opening, their in-store programs – film club, skate yoga, artist talks, family & friends exhibitions – are also scheduled to make a comeback. The Jungle Jungle capsule is available to shop on the WAFFLESNCREAM website.

The Jungle Jungle 2021 Capsule Editorial was shot in Botswana by Mosako Chalashika

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