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Young People In Tech Is Back With the Second Edition of its Event.

Seven months after its inaugural edition, the Young People In Tech event initiative is back with its second edition that promises to be bigger and better.

Seven months after its inaugural edition, the Young People In Tech initiative is back with its second edition on the 27th of August. Founded by Oluwatobiloba Aromire, the YPIT initiative was created to serve as a safe space for young, tech-oriented people to liaise with like minds, and to do so while having fun. “We find ourselves having to conform to events because there’s an MD or a founder there. We wanted a place where young people can have fun while networking, sharing ideas and tech testimonies,” he said, speaking about what inspired him to start the company. The YPIT initiative sits at the intersection of creativity and seriousness, preaching a more relaxed work culture.

Their new partners, Zoropay, share this sentiment. Being a fintech app, Zoropay offers the opportunity to provide loans for students to study around the world, making it easy for young minds in tech to further their education and gain new opportunities. “YPIT is attractive to us because we believe in the vision. We also see it as an opportunity to reach our potential targets”, a Zoropay source tells us. In a difficult time in the global economy, Zoropay’s involvement in the YPIT initiative serves as a silver lining for young people who might not have the means to chase their ambitions.

Across the country, several gifted minds in tech are hampered by certain militating factors that affect their growth. In some areas, government policies stifle the execution of ideas that could prove innovative for Nigeria’s digital infrastructure. It could also prove difficult to reach like-minded people in tech who they could help and also learn from. YPIT promises to open a directory that makes it easier for young people to connect with one another.

YPIT is all about the fun. In addition to discussions and masterclasses, there will be games and music intermissions that give a party-like feel to the event. Work culture has changed slightly following the effects of the pandemic. For young people, a balanced mix of work and fun raises efficiency levels and increases the will to get things done. YPIT understands this.

YPIT promises to create an environment for improvement. The second edition of the Young People In Tech event looks set to be an interesting event that will achieve its aim. In every industry, collaboration is necessary as it brings two worlds together to form a unified establishment.

Meet the YPIT team.

Name: Oluwatobiloba Aromire

Business Development at Interswitch

Name: Deborah Adewunmi

Software Engineer at Alife

Name: Daniel

Business Analyst at The49

Name: Dorcas Adewunmi



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