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This is Bounce Radio! We pride ourselves in curating the best music on the airwaves. We are tastemakers, broadcasting the best of unique global sounds and tunes for our global audience. Would you like to showcase your curation skills to our audience? Then Bounce is your oyster!

Here are some basic guides to help you with your curation:


  • Avoid overly clever transitions that will be lost on the average listener.

  • Playlists should provide the best listening experience within a specific context.

  • Try not to repeat tracks from one artist.

  • The playlist should consist of 18 songs.

  • All genres are welcome.

  • Songs should be between 2005 - Till Date and not older.

  • Promote your playlist!

Firstly, let's have your contact details. We won't share your details with any third party.
What genre of music do you like & know a lot about?
Music taste and choice
What show do you want to curate for?

Upload a picture of your face with a clear background

Upload File
Please curate 18 songs only here

Thanks you! We'll review your playlist and get in touch with  you

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