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NATIVE Sound System Release their Debut Compilation Album NATIVEWORLD.

NATIVE Sound System's debut compilation album features contributions from Odunsi The Engine, Azanti, Ayra Starr, Joyce Olong, The Cavemen, P.Priime, Tyler Turner and many more.

NATIVE Sound System ー made up of DJs Addy and Sholz, rapper and singer Teezee and A&R and NATIVE Magazine Editor-In-Chief Seni ー have released their long-teased debut album NATIVEWORLD. The 15-track LP, preceded by lead single “Runaway” and the star-studded “Wedding Ring”, features a diverse list of artists from around the globe. There are contributions from acts like Odunsi The Engine, Azanti, Obongjayar, Teezee, SOLIS, East London collective NSG, rap duo Show Dem Camp, Ayra Starr, Joyce Olong, The Cavemen and many more. The hands behind the boards are just as diverse, drafting in exciting new producers and more established figures like Trill Xoe, Adey, P.Priime, Genio Bambino, John.wav, Le Mav, and Tyler Turner amongst others.

Rumoured to have been put together mainly during an intensive recording camp months ago, the compilation album is a kaleidoscope of varying sounds, boasting multiple influences just as wide-ranging as its guest list. With Addy and Sholz at the helm, they take a sonic excursion, giving fresh and exciting interpretations to genres like UK funk, Afrohouse, Afropop, Trap and several other genres while also pushing their collaborators outside their comfort zone. The result is a well-executed conceptual tour de force. Speaking about the album months ago, Seni describes what the album was gunning for “For the album, we were in this mindset of trying to create the seasons of a year in Lagos – Rainy, Dry, Harmattan and Christmas seasons…. This album feels like we are bringing you into our world

Listen to the full album below

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