Significant Cultural Resets in Recent Years

Cultural moments represent both subconscious and conscious shifts in what is considered pop, fringe and old. Abdul-Jabbar Obiagwu takes a trip down memory lane, highlighting the most impactful cultural resets we've had in the last decade.

Ten years is a long time by many standards. But by cultural standards, a decade can often feel like it hasn’t been more than a week. Technology has a condensing effect; we are constantly badgered by one notification or the other, each one with seemingly more important information than the last. This has in turn created a situation where attention is the most important currency, leading many to believe this is the reason behind the astounding amounts of content being created in recent times. The consistency of this can make it feel like certain events have happened more than once. While this deja vu can feel all too real, it is worth noting that every cultural shift feels similar to the last.