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The Pick: Gyakie's tender "FOR MY BABY" is a perfect appetizer for her forthcoming project.

Our Song Of The Week!

One year into her professional career and Gyakie, 23, was already a star. While the release of singles “Love Is Pretty” and “Never Like This” served as curtain-raisers, a peek into the Ghanian star’s soft blend of Afropop, R&B and Soul, it’s “Forever”, the standout from her debut EP Seed that catapulted the singer from upcoming regional talent to a continental star. The love-stained single was a perfect showcase of Gyakie’s strengths: a tender, unique and nasally cool vocal ability, a finely groomed sense of melody and a silky pen with a propensity for writing love songs. Her music, which captured the hearts of many, is sultry, intimate and most importantly simple but effective, almost like she’s singing words out of a personal journal.

The 23-year-old singer recently announced the release of her sophomore project MY DIARY, and the latest single off the forthcoming tape “FOR MY BABY” is imbued by the aforementioned qualities. She’s once again straightforward and crystal clear, not mincing words about her intentions or state of mind. “Dance with me babe / wooa na med) I surrender to you” she sings gently in English and Twi, her native language. Falling head-over-heels in love is a common trope in popular music and while it’s an ubiquitous theme and experience, many’s approach to the subject is awfully flaccid, making their words near impossible to believe. But not Gyakie. She sings so tenderly and skillfully ー and while her words are never elaborate or hugely detailed ー it’s almost impossible not to believe or relate to her every word.

Just like her voice and intentions, her choice of production is also soothing and uncomplicated. Here, slows drums gently mesh with insistent shakers and smooth keys. This gives Gyakie’s vocals a lulling effect, nicely accentuating an already incredible voice. With the release of the P.Priime-produced lead single “SOMETHING” and now “FOR MY BABY”, Gyakie’s forthcoming project promises to be interesting, at the very least. We can’t wait to see what more she’s got up her sleeve.

MY DIARY is out 22nd of July.



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