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The Pick: Moliy Crosses Borders With New Record "Prisoner"

Our Song Of The Week!

We can all agree African music is in a good place right now. Across several genres in the African music space, we’ve experienced a few firsts, innovative sounds, and interesting collaborations that have collapsed the borders that once existed between us. Over the years, Nigerian and Ghanaian artists have collaborated to good effect, giving a good account of Afrobeats and exposing our genre to the rest of the world. They easily find a home in our internal music space too, and their newest export, Moliy, is attempting to do the same.

Her talent came to light for her stellar work on one of Amaarae’s breakout singles, “Sad Girlz Luv Money”, whose remix debuted at #80 on the Billboard Hot 100. After featuring on BOJ’s “In A Loop” with her older sister Mellissa, interest in her talent spiked due to her playful songwriting and sultry voice. Moliy is coming into her own as an independent artist, and last week she put out her second project, titled Honey Doom. Although centered around expressions of her ideas on romance, Moliy takes Honey Doom in different sonic directions, recreating herself through the project’s 22 minutes.

The project’s second track, “Prisoner” is our pick of the week. Produced by P.Priime, the song sees Moliy slide and slither in tandem with the record’s mid-tempo bounce. She gives an account of a romantic involvement that leaves a strong impression on her, as she sings “I fit pull the trigger if you chop anybody/take me as a prisoner/this be more than physical”. Her performance on this song shows that the plaudits she has recently earned are no fluke.

Honey Doom is the newest phase of Moliy’s unraveling. With every release, it feels like watching a butterfly come out of a cocoon. Although still early in her career, it is clear to see that the best is yet to come.

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